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Soniq Circus

Soniq Circus is a band from Sweden playing progressive rock with a touch of modern metal and symphonic rock from the 70's.

The second album Reflections in the Hourglass, released 24th of august 2011, is soon to be followed up with the third studio album Cursed Cruise, the first studio album with the current lineup.

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Progressive Circus 2016

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Cursed Cruise

Upcoming 3rd studio album, to be released during 2016

Reflections in the Hourglass

2nd studio album, released 24th of august 2011. Read the reviews

A Flower Full Of Stars

Appears on this tribute to The Flower Kings released 2011.


Appears on this tribute to progressive rock of the 70's released 2009.

Soniq Circus

Debut album from 2007.






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