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2012-04-18 15:24:00: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

You might have heard about it... Soniq Circus have a new singer. More news about this here soon.

-- Markus

2012-01-17 09:41:43: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

This year starts with a little less gigging than before. The focus will be on developing new material and the process is going faster now than with the previous album. The new album have been received quite well, check out the reviews. I'm really excited to see what 2012 will bring.

-- Markus

2010-01-10 22:50:04: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

A little more than a week ago I got the triple album RŲkstenen by mail. To be honest, when I first heard of the project I thought it was one with a high risk of failure. However I must say I was very pleased with what I've heard and this one will definitely play on my stereo frequently during this spring. Read more about the album in the Media section on this page.

Take care

2009-04-08 13:23:46: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

Been a while since last post here. Just thought I should metion something about what we're up to. Now the focus is on putting material for the next album together. We have about 50 minutes already, and there will probably be a little more. We hope to be able to release early next year.

Cheers Markus

2007-09-24 19:50:19: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

Yesterday I got hold of the first copies of the new album. It's not bad at all, and everything is ready for the release on Friday. That's worth celebrating, which we will of course.


2007-09-13 20:13:08: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

Nu är det bara till att gå in på och beställa ett ex av Soniq Cirucs! 11% rabatt om ni snabbar er.

2007-08-29 19:08:14: The Pete Best of Soniq Circus

Debutskiva - underbart! Hur det kunde ta 8 år är en gåta, men musikbranschen fattar långsamt... eller så tar det lång tid att upptäcka riktigt bra musik. Allt gott! När spelar ni i Göteborg?


2007-08-23 21:59:33: Stefan

... skönt att höra... hoppas ni håller det... vill inte ha en ny "chinese democracy"...

2007-08-22 00:08:53: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

Nu vet vi! Skivan kommer 29:e september. Nå't gott att vänta på förhoppningsvis.

2007-08-15 21:26:41: Stefan

WE WANT SONIQ CIRCUS!!! När kommer skivan??

2007-06-23 15:28:36: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

Jo, plattan är på gång. Inget datum spikat ännu dock. Nu handlar det mest om att få till bra timing på släppet.

Fortsatt trevlig midsommar!

2007-06-15 18:44:51: Ambjörn

Hejsan pojkar!

När kommer plattan? Vad blir nästa steg efter den? En platta till? Live-DVD? Andra bandet på månen?

Var snälla mot varandra!

2007-05-31 15:15:57: Mathias Beckius | Soniq Circus

ALBUM-STATUS: After yesterday's feedback from Progress Records, we're now giving the songs a final touch.

2007-05-13 08:57:41: Mathias Beckius | Soniq Circus

ALBUM-STATUS: Some pro's at Progress Records are listening to the latest mixdowns of the album. We don't know yet if the material is good enough to be mastered.
This process might delay the album-release.

2007-05-13 08:50:22: Mathias Beckius | Soniq Circus

Nej, vår spelning får du definitivt INTE missa! Ta med kompisgänget också!!! =)

2007-04-18 00:03:51: millan

Nu såg jag att ni spelar i örkelljunga. Nice, det får man inte missa.

2007-03-25 01:11:34: Markus Nilsson | Soniq Circus

Hi everyone,
When I write this, the forum is still a little experimental, so don't be surprised if it goes down for a while. I will do my best not to loose any posted messages, so just fire away those thoughts you're holding in.

Take care!